Our Charlotte Property Management Team

Steve Maginnis' Bio

I understand there is no"I" in Team, but at this point, it's just me...  I have been in Real Estate since I was first licensed while serving in the US Navy in Hampton VA back in 1995.  I have been interested in Real Estate investing since I was very young and rode with my grandfather to collect rents from his rentals.  I read all the Real Estate investing books I could get my hands on.  Everything from Donald Trump to Carlton Sheets (yes, I was a Sheet-head).  

After my stint in the Navy, I moved back to the Charlotte area and took over a family retail business and operated it for a couple years.  However, it was not my calling and I eventually closed it down.  Shortly before, I purchased an old farmhouse with a barn that had been converted in to three studio apartments.  I operated the business in the house and lived there, while renting the triplex on a weekly basis.  After closing the business, I immediately walled off every area of the old home and converted it to a weekly boarding house.  Talk about cash flow... I rented rooms for $80-90 weekly.  I had nine rooms in the house plus the barn.  About $4300 monthly income from the boarding house, and my mortgage was owner financed at $500 a month.  I was hooked.

I gained a ton of personal experience renting to weekly boarders.  I have some crazy stories as well.  I had obtained my NC license during this time and went to work at Century 21.  I did all the normal sales work.  I still hate cold-calling.  Eventually I found myself working mainly with like-minded investors, since I had that mentality and experience.  

Word spread that I had a knack for dealing with investors and I became a top producer.  I made a move to ReMax after about two years.  Naturally, my clients asked if I knew of a manager for their rentals.  Since I had the experience, I eventually started Investors Realty as a sole proprietor and began managing property.  Not long after I focused primarily on this area.

I suffered a divorce during and perhaps as a result of the housing crash in 2007/2008.  I ended up going to work for another large property management company in Charlotte and was there for over five years as a residential property manager.  It was a good learning experience for me and I feel it only enforces my abilities to help investors meet their goals.  I never closed down First Investor Realty & Management during this time, but I did not perform any management for my company other than my personal properties. 

 That is why it is only me at this time.  However, I prefer to keep things small.  I've learned that you cannot be a big company and offer flexible services.  I like the fact that we can customize our services to meet your expectations.  Yes, as I grow, I will hire one or two people who are like-minded, but for now, you have all my attention.

While technically born in Lexington SC, I moved to the area around 2, and have lived in nearly every surrounding community since.  I'm happy to call Charlotte my home.  I am quite familiar with how the markets have changed over the years and can spot those set to improve.  

I pride myself on putting together creative deals where each party feels they win.  I am a Realtor and consider myself to be very moral and ethical.  I believe in disclosing the worst so it will not come back to bite me later.  Perhaps that is not the best technique to get the deal done, but I sleep well at night knowing I deal fairly and treat others as i expect to be treated.  I try to provide affordable, flexible options to owners / Landlords.  I look forward to working with you.